Our First Home: The Bathroom

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post about our first home. The good news is that we are finally living in it! We moved in a day before we’d owned it for 6 months (not even kidding!). There was a lot of work to be done on the house and then once the work had been done on the house there was a shed to be built so that all the gym equipment and mats could get out of the house and we could start living there!

A while back I did a post on the 10 Things I learned while renovating and I’ve also leaked a few pictures here and there over on Instagram! I thought it was about time I started showing the transformation, today we’re going to start with the bathroom.
Our first home - bathroom transformation

Central Districts Champs Powerlifting Competition 2016

After posting about what being strong means earlier in the week I realised that I hadn’t actually done a recap of my latest powerlifting competition. So far it’s been the only powerlifting competition I have done this year and I had feared it may be the only one but a lucky change of date for Nationals means that I may get another one or two in!

The Central Districts Champs Powerlifting competition was held over ANZAC weekend in Wellington. My aim was to get a 100kg squat in competition and a 60kg bench press with no other real expectations other than that.

Central Districts Powerlifting Competition 2016

What does being strong mean?

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Being strong can mean so many different things, from being mentally strong to being physically strong and everything in between. I think we can all think about someone who is mentally a really strong person as well as someone who is physically very strong.

Mental strength can include the ability to take on a lot without crumbling under the pressure, it can simply be the ability to say no when you have too much on your plate and it can also be the ability to be alone and be okay with that. It’s funny how some people are the type who struggle being by themselves and others thrive on it. There are so many different types of people, which makes us all unique. I personally am the later, while I do love being around people I love I also find it quite tiring when I haven’t had any time to myself in a while.

Physical strength can be measured as someone who is able to do every day activities (moving house anyone?) relatively easily. In the gym it is easy to see those who have physical strength and it’s even easier in the powerlifting world to be able to see who is strong. In fact there is a calculation called a WILKS score which measures the strength of powerlifters against one another which takes into account their body weights.
What does being STRONG mean-

8 Ways to Love Your Body

So many of us experience unhappiness, insecurity, anger and frustration when it comes to our bodies and our own self perceptions. “If only I were taller, thinner, prettier or had more curves…”

Stop beating yourself up! Stop wasting time and energy being unhappy and worrying about how you look and learn to love your body. Here is a short list of eight ways to love your body now.
8 Ways to love your body

Things I Love April 2016 [AKA The Fastest Month Ever!]

April came and went quicker than I had time to think about what month we were up to. Have you had the freakout that we are into May and it’s almost winter yet? Yep, I’ve already done that and come to terms with it. At least we won’t feel guilty for curling up on the couch after work, but I am trying to hold out wearing stockings to work until June and it feels like SO FAR away!

Anyway, back to the point of this post. Every month I share some of the things I have been loving from the month before. Without further ado here are some of the things I love in April 2016.
Things I Love April

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