September Workout Wrapup

Doing these monthly exercise wrap-up posts really do make the time fly as it seems as though I only just finished writing my August workout wrap-up.

If this segment seems new to you basically at the end of each month I do a quick wrap-up post of my monthly exercise. This serves as a bit of a reminder for me of what I did and how my body was feeling so I can readjust if necessary as well as a bit of motivation [I hope!] for you lovely readers.

This month I created a new plan for myself which still has the three main lifts [Bench press, deadlift and squat] and three days per week for the workouts with one game of indoor netball per week as well.

monthly exercise wrap up move love eat September Workout Wrapup

1st – Game of indoor netball
2nd – Upper Body at the Gym
3rd – Legs at the Gym
4th – Back at the Gym
5th – Rest
6th – Rest
7th – Rest
8th – Game of Indoor Netball, Upper Body at the Gym.
9th – Rest
10th – Back at the Gym
11th – Random assortment day at the gym (I made my own little circuits).
12th – Rest
13th – Rest
14th – Legs and a bit of a cardio workout at Strong Factory.
15th – Game of Indoor Netball, Upper Body at the Gym.
16th – Rest
17th – Back @ Gym
18th – Legs @ Gym
19th – Rest
20th – Rest
21st – Upper Body @ Gym
22nd – Back @ Gym, Quick Stair workout and a Game of Indoor Netball
23rd – Rest
24th – Legs @ Gym
25th – Short 2km Run around the domain with the b/f.
26th – Rest – Headed back to Wanganui for the weekend!
27th – Short run & walk down the beach, approx 2.5-3km.
28th – Rest
29th – Game of Indoor Netball
30th – Rest

I’ve still been enjoying the three days per week, plus the netball game as I don’t always feel as though I’m at the gym like I did before. It’s amazing the difference one day makes!

I’m looking forward to October as I will have a bit more time to do some additional cardio by trying some classes at the gym. I tried to go to a powerclass at the end of the month on one of my days off and when I arrived [5 minutes early], all the steps were taken and the class was full so I just did a back workout instead! Next time I’ll go 15 minutes earlier!

How has your exercise fared this month? 

Your Roadmap for Life: AKA Not Negotiables

Sometimes life gets in the way of what we really want from life. Contradictory – Yes! However valid!  How often do you just continue along the hamster wheel of life without stopping to take stock of if things are tracking how you always imagined they would?

Your Roadmap for Life: AKA Not Negotiables

Sometimes it’s that uneasy feeling you get in a certain situation or a deep set feeling of ‘my life sucks’. Perhaps you always wanted to travel the world, have kids or change your career. Sometimes all we need is a change or to reassess exactly what we want from life. Life is complicated but there are times when you have to just stop and think about what you really want and value.

I completed a Leadership Management course through work at the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. It was largely about learning to set goals [something I do all the time anyway and really enjoy], delegating and coaching others among other things.

not negotiables move love eat Your Roadmap for Life: AKA Not Negotiables

Once of the activities we did during the training was to create a roadmap for our lives. Effectively this roadmap for our lives was a [ugly in my case] diagram showing all the things and values that were important to you and living your life.

Whilst at the time to most it seemed like a redundant activity of which the sole purpose was to not be doing ‘real work’, I really valued the exercise and thought it was a great opportunity to reassess what I wanted from life and where I wanted to go in the future. [Hello wanting reduced working hours to work on some other projects!]

Sometimes you just need an opportunity to take a bit of time out of your life [even an hour or two] to think about your values and what you really want to get from life. How often do we truly stop what we are doing and assess our lives?

The roadmap for life for me is essentially a list of values or other things that are not negotiable for me; they are things or values that I will not compromise on. Having a list of your non-negotiables [or at least having a think about them], helps when you are feeling a bit confused about life or a certain situation.  You can then think back to what you really want from life and how you want others to perceive you and then act accordingly.

This is my Roadmap for life of things that are not negotiable and are super important to me, while it is not an exhaustive list it certainly does help to bring things into perspective:


 New Mind Map Your Roadmap for Life: AKA Not Negotiables

If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know when you get there? Whilst it’s not a necessity to have and many people tick along just nicely without one, I do think it is an invaluable tool in evaluating if life [or certain situations] is heading where you want to go. The roadmap for life or a list of things that are not negotiable to you will certainly help you to remember what is important for you.

Think about creating a roadmap for your life, even if just in your head [although getting things down on paper makes them that much more real]. This helps you to evaluate what it is that you REALLY want and need from life and ignores that stuff that isn’t really that important but can feel important in the heat of the moment. [This can be valuable when having arguments or trying to decide whether or not to forgive someone - hint, forgive; it makes life a lot easier!]

The roadmap for life does not need to always be values and things such as honesty and integrity, they can also be things such as making time for travel, yoga, going to the gym a certain number of times a week or even getting regular pedicures or massages. Whilst financial situations often dictate some of these if you know what you truly value as being the most important [and often those that bring you the most joy], you can think about how you spend your money. You may find that you are spending on things that don’t bring you that much joy and you can then reassess and work out how you can redirect that spending on to things that bring you more joy. 

It may even be that things like having your own home or having kids one day make it on to that list. Whilst it’s not necessary to decide when and where these things are going to happen, it is good to know that they are things you definitely want from your life and that you are not willing to budge on [within reason, obviously some people are unable to have kids and finances can dictate the housing situation] and you can make decisions for your life [or people in it] accordingly.

I’ll leave you with this: If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?

What are some of your not negotiables in your roadmap for life?

Things I Love September

I can’t believe how quickly the months have been speeding by lately. It feels like only a couple of weeks ago I was writing my August Things I Love post! The good news with the months speeding by is that summer is well and truly on it’s way, even if the weather has been trying to prove this wrong the last couple of weeks! We have even discussed camping this summer which is making me super excited for summer to get here!   

sun Things I Love September

So first up in my Things I love September list is having lunch in the sun and the fact that summer isn’t too far away. Even though the weather hasn’t been the greatest I have managed to have a few days where I’ve sat outside in the sun and eaten my lunch which is nice and makes me happy for what is to come!  

day2eating 568x600 Things I Love September

I love how honest Nicola was with her What I ate last week post. Nicola shared everything that passed through her lips over a one week period. I love how she keeps it real by being honest about the occasional treats that she has and that even a Nutritionist enjoys a bit of chocolate every now and again.  The moral of the post, everything in moderation, just try to keep the majority of your meals healthy by eating real food! work Things I Love September

I eluded to it in my last things I love post, however my reduced hours at work are now official. I am generally working three days per week, with some four day weeks depending on the workflow. I am super excited about this as ever since I left school I have never really had any time off. I didn’t go to university by normal conventions and worked full time while studying full time for a number of years as well as doing a decent amount of travelling around NZ. I felt like I missed out a bit by not getting the uni holidays, however I did win by having money the whole time.  Right now I need more time rather than the money as I have a couple of ideas of things I want to do [including making this website bigger and better - as well as my Heels Business which has NOT had anything happening in a long while] but want to do some planning on how [or if] to approach doing them before I push myself into it. 

The whole 30 overall thoughts Things I Love September

While the Whole 30 brought a whole lot of emotions and opinions I am super glad I finished the Whole thing, something I never thought I would have been able to do. I learnt a number of things about myself and have managed to change some habits. I was also introduced to some great meals that I will continue to use in the future. I would definitely recommend that anyone looking to start a Whole 30 gives it a go, just make sure you’re prepared with good food in the house and you will get through it! 

Birthday 2 1 Things I Love September

I was super excited that this blog had it’s first birthday during the month. The celebrations are still under way with competitions over on our facebook page.  I have a lot of plans for the future of the website and am very excited about it all! Having the time off work is going to prove invaluable in that area. The next year going forward is going to be massive, I can feel it! 

hawaii Things I Love September

Last, but not least. In fact this is currently my favourite of them all – we have booked an overseas trip! It’s not for a wee while yet, in fact it’s next year (February) but I am super excited that we are going to be spending just over a week in Hawaii!! We found that while flights were cheap, accommodation was crazy expensive but have managed to find somewhere where we can rent an apartment for the whole time which is close to the beach, not too far from decent hiking and outlet shopping as well as a supermarket where we can buy some of our food to make at the apartment and save costs! 

What are you loving this month?

If you’ve been to Hawaii – please do let me know what we should do!!

Quick Stair Workout to Burn Calories

So you don’t feel like you want to go to the gym? Perhaps you don’t want to spend the money to go to the gym? Well I have you covered here in this post, all you need to do is find some stairs and this quick stair workout will have you torching the calories in no time. 

To save the workout for later, hover over the image and pin it to your pinterest board or click the facebook button at the bottom of the page to share it on your wall! 

There is something refreshing about finishing a workout without any real workout equipment, it’s just you, your body and the elements. Back in Wanganui I used to do the Durie Hill stairs (they are long and steep!) quiet regularly. Sometimes I would do the stairs before going to the gym and on other occasions I would do the stairs after a walk or run around the bridges. 

Depending on how I felt each day would determine if I would run or walk up the stairs and how many times I would do it. No matter what I ended up doing I always felt like I had a great workout and was always tired afterwards, I always slept well those nights! 

Stair workout Quick Stair Workout to Burn Calories
First of all you need to find some stairs that are close to you. You may find these in a park, train station entrance, near a bush walk, in your house or even the stairs in your office building? Finding the stairs is key to this quick stair workout. 

It is less important how long and steep the stairs are and more important that you just find some that are close enough to you that you won’t find excuses to get out of the workout. Of course if you have different options of which stairs you can use then I recommend going for the longer option. 

There are many different ways to use to the stairs depending on your fitness level and how hard you want to work. The first and most obvious would be to simply walk up and down the stairs. If you’re not comfortable with stepping up to running the stairs (Ha, see what I did there!) I would try to make it harder by taking two steps at a time or taking a light jog down the stairs which is easier than jogging up them. Once you are more comfortable with the stairs you can use them for interval training by sprinting up a flight then walking down them. 

Ultimately do what is a challenge but won’t ruin you, we all have differing degrees of fitness and stairs can be tough work so if you need to walk then walk. Scale the exercises for what will work for you at that point in time and work on getting up to being able to do the full workout as listed. 

Anyway, let’s get into the full workout! 

Quick stair workout 682x1024 Quick Stair Workout to Burn Calories

Depending on how much time you have and the length of your stairs complete this circuit 2-5 times and then get on with your day icon smile Quick Stair Workout to Burn Calories

Begin by walking up and down your set of stairs once – after stretching of course! Next you should walk up and jog down – take it at whatever pace you can handle at your current fitness level. 

Then we move in to the first of our bodyweight exercises which is to perform 15 low squats, squat down as low as you can comfortably and safely go and then move on to walking (or jogging if you’re up for it) up and down the stairs two stairs at a time. By now your heart rate should be starting to speed up and you may even be feeling a few beads of sweet. 

Next you will perform 10 incline push-ups (either on your knees or full push-ups depending on your abilities), your hands will be up on one of the stairs and then you perform the push-up as normal. Being raised on an incline does make the push-up a little bit easier. 

Now sprint up the flight of stairs and walk back down. If you have a really long flight of stairs sprint to a certain point then walk a few stairs then sprint again until you are at the top of the stairs. This will be the toughest portion of the workout so push yourself (safely of course). 

We are almost at the end of the circuit and you are going to perform mountain climbers – pop yourself down into the push-up position with your hands on one of the stairs then bring each knee up one at a time as close to your chest as possible and then back into the top of the push-up position – you can either do this slowly one leg at a time or quickly as though you are running on the ground. 

Last but not least jog gently up the stairs and then walk back down while catching your breath. If you’re doing a few rounds of the circuit then take a few minutes at the bottom to catch your breath and have some water before doing the circuit again. 

There we have it, a quick stair workout you can do any time! No excuses as there are stairs everywhere! 

Have you ever incorporated stairs into your workout before? - Please do scroll down and comment below as I love hearing from you icon smile Quick Stair Workout to Burn Calories

Banana Feijoa Ice Cream

Summer is on it’s way and one of the joys that come with summer is the lovely summer fruits we get! Think fresh pineapple, mangos, strawberries and feijoas! Also known as the pineapple guava in other areas of the world, the feijoa is a common fruit over summer in New Zealand and has a distinct sweet but also sour taste. This banana feijoa ice cream recipe has been sitting in my drafts for a while (hence the average photo – sorry about that I will update it when summer rolls around again!), ready to be shared. 

bananafeijoaicecream Banana Feijoa Ice Cream

This banana feijoa ice cream only uses three ingredients, all of which are good for you and will give you a bit of a sweet treat with no artificial ingredients. You will need a food processor for this recipe (you can likely make do with a blender or a gadget like the George Foreman Mix and Go), I use the Russell Hobbs Multi-Food Processor which is awesome and I’ve made quiet a few different recipes with it now! 

Please don’t dismiss this recipe if you don’t like banana’s as I can’t stand the texture of bananas yet I really enjoy healthy banana ice cream! In fact we always have chopped up bananas in the freezer so we can easily whip up this healthy sweet treat for those times when you feel like you just need (okay want) something else after dinner! Feijoas are also one of the few fruits with seeds that I will eat! Feijoas and strawberries are in fact the only items with seeds that are on the super short list of fruits with seeds that I eat!

Banana Feijoa Ice Cream
A delicious cold dessert for the coming summer months.
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 2
  • 1 Banana
  • 2-3 Feijoa's
  • ½ Tablespoon Coconut Cream
  1. Slice up your banana into coin size pieces and freeze.
  2. Scoop the flesh out of the feijoas and place into your food processor. I use the Russell Hobbs Multi-Food Processor.
  3. Pop the banana and coconut cream into the food processor.
  4. Process until smooth - this should only take a few moments. If it's thicker than you would like add another ½ tablespoon coconut cream.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

What is your favourite summer fruit? – Please do scroll down and comment, I love hearing from you icon smile Banana Feijoa Ice Cream

pixel Banana Feijoa Ice Cream

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