August Exercise Wrap-up

This month I continued with only working out at the gym three days per week and attempting to fit in one cardio session where I could easily. 

I also started the Whole 30 during August which saw my eating change a little, no paleo treats! Given I workout at night time and my hunger is always the worst from 4pm until dinner time I felt pretty darn good so long as I had a little something to eat pre-workout. 

So, into my workouts for the month:

Monthly Exercise Wrapup  August Exercise Wrap up

1st – Back at the gym (In Wanganui! We had a long Weekend)
2nd – Rest
3rd – Rest
4th – Legs at the Gym (In Hamilton)
5th – Rest
6th – Gym – Upper Body
7th – Rest
8th – Gym – Back.
9th – Rest
10th – 8km Walk (to and from the Travel Expo)
11th – Game of Indoor Netball
12th – Rest
13th – Upper Body
14th – Leg Day (Squats, Abductor, Leg Extension, Leg Curl) and a bit of Ab work.
15th – Rest
16th – Back day (100 dead lifts at 60kg and a few other bits and pieces)
17th – Rest Day
18th – Game of Indoor Netball, Legs at the gym
19th -Rest
20th – Upper Body at the Gym
21st – Rest
22nd – Rest
23rd - Rest
24th - Back Day (Heavy Deadlifts and my back was feeling it for a few days!)
25th – Game of Indoor Netball. 
26th – Upper Body at the Gym (Swapped from legs as my back was still sore from deadlifts and I don’t think I couldn’t done many squats!)
27th – Rest
28th – Legs at the Gym
29th – Rest
30th – Back and a few random things like sled pushes (we tried a new gym)
31st – Rest

We tried a new gym at the end of the month for something different (review to come). This is something we will likely do a bit more of over the coming months. Partly to see what other options we have and partly to see what we like and dislike about the gyms for future knowledge.

Have you ever tried a gym other than the one you usually go to? For those of you who don’t go to a gym where do you usually exercise?

Inspiring People: Nicola from Eat Well NZ

Next in our Inspiring People interviews we have the Lovely Nicola from Eat Well NZ. Nicola is a NZ Registered Nutritionist, she also has a beautiful blog with great advice and scrummy looking recipes.   Nicola speaks to us about her journey to becoming a NZ Registered Nutritionist, her approach to balance and moderation in both food and life and shares her top healthy foods to always keep on hand. Nicola has also kindly given us a $25 off voucher for any of her services – details at the end of the post! 

Nicola from Eat Well NZ 1024x768 Inspiring People: Nicola from Eat Well NZ

Hi, I’m Nicola a NZ Registered Nutritionist.  I love working in this industry and enjoy helping people achieve their goals. It’s such an amazing feeling to support people through health issues to come out the other end feeling fantastic.   I have an interest in working with people to build a healthy relationship with food and to break that diet cycle.  Personally, I love running, walking with my dog and gardening – I have a huge vege garden I try to maintain all year, although things are a bit slow over winter.  I love blogging and sharing nutrition advice + healthy recipes with my readers. 

Tell me about your journey to living a healthy lifestyle…

I’ve always had a love for food and an interest in health. Mum was quite interested in health and nutrition and my grandfather was a pharmacist, so I did grow up with those influences. I knew throughout school that I wanted to study nutrition, although I had a last minute change of mind in year 13 and enrolled at Victoria University to study Media and Psychology. But by the time I’d made it through the first half of the year, I decided I did really want to do nutrition, so I started my second year at uni studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Human Nutrition. I then did a postgraduate Honours year which really added to my knowledge. I completed a registration process with the NZ Nutrition Society so I can call myself a “Registered Nutritionist” – not everyone that calls themselves a nutritionist is qualified, so it’s good to have this credential icon smile Inspiring People: Nicola from Eat Well NZ

When I first came out of uni I didn’t find a nutrition job straight away. I actually worked for Jenny Craig for about a year as a weight loss consultant. Then I started working at a local Health and Social Services provider in health promotion before I started doing what I really wanted to (at the same workplace), working as a nutrition consultant helping people with pre-diabetes, diabetes, weight loss, cholesterol and irritable bowel syndrome for the majority of my work, as well as a little bit of work with PCOS clients. I’ve been at my current workplace for 6 years, as well as running Eat Well NZ.

Being a nutritionist also means I have to keep updated with the latest research, so it’s an ongoing learning journey, attending seminars and reading nutrition journals.

What are some of the most common ‘mistakes’ you see when your clients first come to you?

One would have to be the “all or nothing approach” to nutrition and weight loss, where they’re either in diet mode or all out unhealthy eating, with the view to start tomorrow.  I really encourage a balanced approach and remind people that just because they’ve eaten one thing that might not be nutrient rich, it’s not the end of the world.  One Tim Tam doesn’t ruin a week’s progress!   I remind clients that it’s a journey – there will be ups and downs, the main thing is to get right back on track rather than giving up and starting again “next week”. 

Nicola From EatWellNZ Inspiring People: Nicola from Eat Well NZ

What’s your approach to balance and moderation in life and food?

In life, I think it’s important that we have routines and rhythms that keep us grounded and give us a sense of balance.  I also need my down time to recharge my batteries so I always make sure I have time in the weekend to just relax and do what ever I want – either reading, gardening or spending time with my husband, friends family.  I also exercise regularly as it makes me feel great. 

In terms of food, I aim to make sure that the majority of what I eat is nutrient rich food that will nourish my body.  But I’m not afraid to indulge and treat myself occasionally.  I think a lot of people view food in an “all or nothing mind frame” which I don’t believe is useful for long term healthy eating patterns. 

Years ago, I used to have an unhealthy relationship with food+ really poor body image, but I turned that around to be in a really good place with food and how I feel about myself.   Years back, I would deprive myself of foods like chocolate, then eat some, feel terribly guilty, eat way too much of it, then restrict again where it came a binge or nothing cycle. 

Now if I want chocolate, I eat it.  It’s not “bad”. It’s just chocolate.  I don’t binge. I enjoy it, I savour it and I can stop at with a small amount, because I’ve really enjoyed that small amount and I know that I can eat it again!  I wrote a bit about it here  That’s why I’m passionate now about helping people develop a better relationship with food.  It’s one of the keys to long term weight management as well.

What is your favourite form of exercise to do?

I really love running, it makes me feel amazing!  I find running a great stress relief and it also puts me in a good mood – I definitely get a “runners high!”.  I’m not particularly fast, but I love the fact that it’s something you can set your own challenges and goals in, so you’re competing against yourself to achieve your personal bests.    I also do cross fit a couple of times a week, and play hockey which I enjoy, but running is definitely my favourite.

What is your favourite healthy food/recipe? 

Hmm there are a few.

One is this brown rice, cashew, capsicum and currant salad.  It’s always a favourite and I’ve made it quite a few times now. 

glutenfreechocolatebananamuffins Inspiring People: Nicola from Eat Well NZ

For a sweet treat, I really like these gluten free chocolate banana muffins

What are your top ‘must have’ foods to keep on hand?

Oo there’s lots!  But a few things I always have around are fruit including frozen berries (great for smoothies, on top of porridge or with yoghurt for a snack), vegetables, yoghurt, nuts, canned fish and rolled oats.  Nothing fancy because you don’t have to spend lots of money on powders and potions to be healthy icon smile Inspiring People: Nicola from Eat Well NZ There’s other things too, but these are the basic must haves for me.  

What is your number one tip for those who want to live a healthier life?

Don’t overcomplicate things.   Eat well, exercise, manage stress, get enough sleep are the basic rules.  There is so much information out there it can get confusing, but just take it one step at a time and build on progress.  Sometimes if we try and change everything at once, it gets too hard and we feel we’ve failed then give up.  If you’re finding it hard,  pick one habit a week to change and add to it.  Before you know it you would have made a whole lot of changes.  You might start with something simple, like drinking more water + eating more vegetables.  Focusing on what you’re going to ADD rather than cut out is also a positive way to start, it puts your mind in a good frame, and often by default, you have less of the less healthy stuff! Eg if you’re drinking more water, you’ll likely cut down coffee etc – there’s only so much drinking a gal can do in a day!

What is one piece of workout equipment or tool that you swear by? 

I really love the Nike Running App.   I’m a bit of a running nerd, so I like to compare my runs and track my fitness so I can see my progress.  I also love the little update I get at each kilometre that tells me my time and average pace.  AND they tell you what a great workout you’ve had when you’re done too. Nice bonus at the end haha!

What are your favourite healthy living blogs/websites or tools? 

Ooo there are lots. Yours of course! 

I also love:

gratitude through food 300x67 Inspiring People: Nicola from Eat Well NZ

littleandloved 300x118 Inspiring People: Nicola from Eat Well NZ

movenourishbelieve 300x70 Inspiring People: Nicola from Eat Well NZ

thenutritionguruandthechef 300x42 Inspiring People: Nicola from Eat Well NZ

Two that aren’t all about healthy living, but are a part of their blogs are:

hello tillie 300x75 Inspiring People: Nicola from Eat Well NZ

lovinglykate 300x84 Inspiring People: Nicola from Eat Well NZ

 Thank you Nicola, it has been a pleasure interviewing you and getting a NZ Registered Nutritionists thoughts on living a healthy lifestyle.

Exclusive Discount Offer 300x300 Inspiring People: Nicola from Eat Well NZ

Nicola has generously given all Move Love Eat readers a $25 OFF Voucher for any of her services on her website, so if you have ever been thinking about speaking to a NZ Registered Nutritionist now is the time to do it!! Just use the code Moveloveeat between now and the end of September 2014 to claim this discount on any of the services at Eat Well NZ

You can find Nicola in the following places:

On Her Blog – Eat Well NZ
Eat Well NZ Facebook Page
Eat Well NZ Twitter Feed
Eat Well NZ Instagram

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Whole 30 Week 2 Meals and Thoughts

Last week I wrote about my meals for the first week of the Whole 30. I wasn’t sure if I would do another post about the food I’ve been eating or not so I didn’t take photo’s of everything this past week. 

I have been getting into a routine with my eating which is good and have been skipping snacks occasionally – this is HUGE for me, being able to eat breakfast and then not eating until lunchtime is something I’ve never really been able to do. 

Whole 30 – Week Two Meals and Thoughts

day 8 whole 30 1024x1024 Whole 30 Week 2 Meals and Thoughts

Sunday – Day 8 Whole 30
B: No Grain-ola with coconut cream, 1/2 a meat pattie, vegetables, almond butter and a peppermint tea. 
L: Pulled Pork and a couple of kumara wedges. 
D: Coconut flour crumbed chicken, roast vegetables and some homemade pumpkin soup. 
S: 1 Pear, coconut water and cup of Red Seals Red Bush Tea, with a couple of teaspoons of home made no grain-ola with coconut cream and fresh mango to tide me over while cooking dinner.

Feeling: Alert and slept really well, although had some weird dreams – I never remember my dreams! 

Day 9 Whole 30  1024x1024 Whole 30 Week 2 Meals and Thoughts

Monday – Day 9 Whole 30
B: Scrambled Eggs, Vegetables and Chicken. 
L: Home made pumpkin soup and a meat pattie with vegetables along with some coconut cream mixed with a little bit of home-made no grain-ola and hazelnut butter.
D: Salmon, Roast Vegetables and frozen vegetables.
S: 1 Pear and 1 Carrot, snack of almond butter and a teaspoon of no grain-ola with a some coconut cream and mango pre-workout. 

Day 10 Whole 30 1024x1024 Whole 30 Week 2 Meals and Thoughts


Tuesday – Day 10 Whole 30
B: Scrambled eggs with coconut oil, chicken breast, almond butter and frozen vegetables. 
L:Chicken Breast, Frozen Vegetables and some no grain-ola with coconut cream and hazelnut butter.
D: Crock pot beef with roast vegetables.
S: 1 Peppermint tea,1 Carrot, few dates dipped in Almond butter.

Wednesday – Day 11 Whole 30
B: Scrambled eggs in coconut oil, chicken breast and frozen vegetables with a little bit of stewed apples and hazelnut butter.
L: Leftover crockpot beef and vegetables with some coconut cream and no grainola.
D: Chicken, roast vegetables and frozen vegetables. 
S: 2 * peppermint teas, 1 carrot, 1 pear. 


Day 12 Whole 30 1024x1024 Whole 30 Week 2 Meals and Thoughts

Thursday – Day 12 Whole 30
B: Scrambled eggs in coconut oil, chicken breast and frozen vegetables with some almond butter and mango.
L: Crockpot beef with spinach and vegetables, coconut cream and no grainola.
D: Salmon, Roast Vegetables and Frozen Vegetables.
S: 1 berry herbal tea, 1 peppermint tea and 1 pear.  

Friday – Day 13 Whole 30
B: Scrambled eggs with coconut oil, frozen vegetables, chicken breast and some stewed apples. 
L: Leftover chicken and vegetables, coconut cream and granola. 
D: Chicken Wings and Kumara Wedges. 
S: 1 pear.  

Saturday – Day 14 Whole 30
B: Tiny bit of coconut cream and no grainola. 
L: Chicken, Vegetables – both roasted and frozen. 
D: Chicken, Roast Vegetables and Frozen Vegetables. 
S: 1 Pear, some no grainola and a strawberry-kiwi tea. 

Feeling: Felt a bit ill in the morning (didn’t sleep well, seems to be a pattern there!) so didn’t eat much for breakfast and didn’t snack until the afternoon. 

So there we have it, my second week of meals for the Whole 30.  

Second Week Whole 30 Feelings?
This past week I’ve noticed my sugar cravings have declined – with the exception of on Friday when I got given a cupcake by one of my favourite work people who was leaving. It was super pretty and I really wanted to eat it but I didn’t. I have put it away in the freezer and will get it out to defrost the day before I finish the Whole 30 so it will be ready to eat when I finish. I do wonder if I will be able to eat the whole thing after not having sugar for 30 days though! 

14 days down, 16 to go! 

What do you think you would eat the most if you did a Whole 30?

Beating Sugar Cravings

Beating sugar cravings is one of the main reasons I wanted to complete a Whole 30 – to attempt to break that emotional tie with food. Sugar cravings have always been my downfall, I’ll pass up a pie in favour of a slice of cake any day of the week. 

I’m not sure if it’s true or not but I always feel like females get more sugar cravings than males. It could be something to do with that time of the month, or the fact that we are notoriously more emotional and therefore more likely to emotional eat? I’m not sure – If you’re a male and reading this and get ridiculous sugar cravings please do let me know! 


what are sugar cravings and why do they occur 1024x680 Beating Sugar Cravings

What are sugar cravings and why do they occur?

Sugar cravings are this indescribable urge to eat something sweet, and you feel as though you must eat it RIGHT NOW! Yeah you know what I’m talking about! 

Some people find they do not crave sugar much (LUCKY!) and others find their sugar cravings are often in overdrive. Often this is due to an emotional factor or perhaps that we are not getting enough sleep (I know I find it harder to control my sugar cravings when I’ve had a crap sleep!). 

One of the best things you can do to help beat your sugar cravings is to NOT GIVE IN to them and to get past the cravings. Once your body is used to you doing this it will slowly begin not to crave the sweet foods. This is all well and good however I know how hard it is beating sugar cravings.

The first thing I would do in beating sugar cravings is to take a look at my current diet and see how often processed foods are sneaking in to my diet. Generally speaking eating crap food results in craving more crap foods!

Another common factor in sugar cravings is not eating regularly. Do you find yourself skipping breakfast and then by lunchtime you’re so hungry that you grab a muffin and a coffee with your salad? Try to eat regular meals including having a good nutritious breakfast to help reduce the occurrence of sugar cravings. 

What should I do about my MUST HAVE sugar cravings?

The answer to this depends on your level of sugar cravings and how your body reacts when you do give in to your cravings. 

If you can eat an entire king size block of chocolate in one sitting, step away from the chocolate and don’t even go near it (I’m not saying don’t do it ever just don’t use it as a crutch for your sugar cravings) find something else. 

It may be that you can move up to a higher % cocoa chocolate and be fine eating a couple of squares, it may also be that you could devour that whole block as well. This is something you need to find out for yourself as there is no one size fits all answer. 

Personally I can’t have an open package of biscuits in the house unless I want to demolish them as I know where they are and I keep sneaking back to have one or two until they are all gone – my solution is to NOT BUY BISCUITS any more! 

That’s not to say I’ll never eat a biscuit again, if I’m out and about and one is on offer I will still sometimes accept if I feel like one at the time. It is a lot easier to just have one if you are at someone’s house and will look like  a piggy if you keep going back for more until the package is gone. Something which you don’t get by eating at home – perceived judgements from others (often made up in our own head – this is a topic for a whole blog post!). 

beating sugar cravings 1024x768 Beating Sugar Cravings

What  should I do to beat my sugar cravings?

  1. First and foremost stop and have a think about whether or not you are actually hungry. If you’re not sure have a glass of water and wait it out 20 minutes and see if the craving is still there. 
  2. Are you craving something sweet to fill the void of something else that is going on in your life AKA emotional eating?
  3. Can your sugar craving be beaten with a healthy alternative? Try some of my top clean sweet treats from below. 
  4. Are you just following the Joneses? Everybody else is getting a block of chocolate and a cake so you feel like you should get one as well? Don’t be a sheep! 
  5. Can I have something to stop this sugar craving without going overboard? Can you just have two squares of quality dark chocolate or will you grab a king size block and down it in one sitting?
  6. Assess the state of your current diet, often a diet high in processed foods and additives leads to more sugar cravings than a diet high in whole foods! 

My Top Clean Sweet Treats

What is the one thing you can’t have in the house or you will eat the whole lot?

pixel Beating Sugar Cravings

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