My Food Philosophy

After writing about my exercise philosophy I thought I would also give you a bit of an insight into my food philosophy.

My food philosophy has changed dramatically over the past decade, from having no philosophy other than stuffing whatever I wanted into my mouth, to counting calories in an effort to ditch a few kilo’s to what my philosophy has become today.
Food Philosophy of a personal trainer

I often have people make comments and assumptions about my food and eating philosophy which can get old quickly. My food philosophy has been constantly evolving over the years as I discover what works for me.

To get to my food philosophy today I feel as though we need to go back in time to where I didn’t have a philosophy other than eat whatever I wanted, in whatever quantities I wanted, however often I wanted and then added a day or two of what is likely to be called binge drinking on top of that for good measure.

I was lucky enough not to have any serious health issues but somehow saw the light myself and realised that I wasn’t doing my body or my health any favors by continuing on this path. Whilst I was by no means obese I was technically bordering on the overweight category according to the BMI scale (which I now think is a rubbish tool for measuring!).


My Exercise Philosophy

Given I’ve been running this website for over a year I thought it would be nice to write down my exercise philosophy. I often have people say things to me like oh you must run everyday and you must be super fit.

While I think that cardiovascular activity such as running does have it’s place and I do enjoy a run (especially if it rains gently while I’m out!), I actually don’t do a lot of cardio at all.
The exercise philosophy of a personal trainer

When I first began on my health and fitness journey (you can read more about my journey on my Who am I page) I thought that cardio was my key to ditching the few extra kilo’s I was carrying.


Healthy [but delicious] Granola Cookies

I love me some biscuits, so much so that we can’t purchase them or the thought of them will consume my mind until I have eaten them all.

I had been wanting to try to make some Healthy Granola Cookies for a while and when I stumbled upon the Healthy Granola Cookie recipe from Petite Kitchen I knew I had to give it a go. I have slightly adapted the recipe from Eleanor’s original Healthy Granola Cookie recipe, the adaptation remains gluten free, refined sugar free, paleo friendly and egg free.

Healthy granola cookies

I have made a few batches of these Healthy Granola Cookies now and they are pretty darn good, I think we have perfected them for us now. They are the perfect cookie to take camping, walking or mountain bike riding and they are a great source of healthy fats.


Camping: Te Haruhi Bay – Shakespear Regional Park

At the same time as booking our camping site at the Upper Mangatawhiri Campground in the Hunua Ranges we also booked a spot at Te Haruhi Bay in Shakespear Regional Park. We were hoping to spend two nights here as well, however there was only enough room for one person rather than two for one of the nights so we only ended up booking for one night, at a cost of $13 each.

Ending up in Shakespear Regional Park was another easy decision as it was also on the list of things we wanted to do before we leave Auckland, so naturally we thought staying out there for a night so we could spend longer exploring was a good idea. 

Shakespear Regional Park - Te Haruhi Bay Camping

The Te Haruhi Bay Campground was more pricey than the Upper Mangatawhiri Campground which was supposed to mean that we had real toilets rather than a long drop (however the Upper Mangatawhiri Campground surprised us and had real toilets!), however there were still no cooking facilities so we had to take our own. There were two outdoor showers as well which was nice.  


Fab Feb – Healthy Eating Challenge

It’s almost February which means that your New Years Resolution to eat better and exercise more has likely up and left already. If you have made it through all the Christmas and New Years celebrations and are feeling like you need a little kick start then you might find Fab Feb helpful! 

Fab Feb is a healthy eating challenge where you go Sugar Free for the month of February! Going sugar free for a whole month is a great way to reset your bodies addiction to sugar. 

Fab Feb - Sugar Free Challenge


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