Things I Love August 2015 Edition

It’s that time again, time for a recap of the things I loved this month! August has just flown by, with a trip to Auckland at the start of the month and trips to both Wellington and New Plymouth at the end of the month!

We managed to fill in the weekends we were at home quite well between our training, house hunting and getting in the kitchen and whipping up some bliss balls.

Here’s to the Things I Loved in August 2015!

Ginger Bliss Balls


Ginger Bliss Ball Recipe

I must admit I am not a huge fan of ginger, however I LOVE this ginger bliss ball recipe! Like I seriously love it!

I have created these ginger bliss balls at such a bad time as I am currently trying to loose a bit of weight and find where my abs have been hiding! Lucky for me that one of these ginger bliss balls is only around 100 calories and one is the perfect size for a treat!

Ginger Bliss Ball Recipe (more…)

5 gym mistakes which are ruining your progress

Do you feel as though you are constantly slogging away at the gym and not getting results? This post is for you! I’ve observed many people succumbing to these mistakes so thought I would write a post on 5 gym mistakes which are ruining your progress

5 Gym mistakes that are ruining your progress


Paper Plate Workout

Sometimes you just want a super quick workout that will target everything without the use of a whole lot of equipment, this paper plate workout is a tough full body workout that you can do at home and as an added bonus it doesn’t take long to do. 

With four paper (or plastic) plates, you can get an amazing full body workout in, in a short period of time!

If you need to get plastic plates then go for it as we searched for ages to find small paper plates and couldn’t find them, settled for plastic and they worked just fine.

At home paper plate workout


Strawberries and Cream Bliss Ball Recipe

I have been wanting to make some strawberries and cream bliss balls for ages now but never got around to it as I haven’t had the dried strawberries. After a delicious little package from the lovely Nicola from EatwellNZ (her pineapple lump bliss balls) I decided I really needed to finally make the strawberries and cream bliss balls once and for all! 

The combination of strawberries with the coconut and the dark chocolate is really nice! The strawberry flavour is subtle but delicious. 

Strawberries and cream bliss balls - Move Love Eat


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