Beginner Kettlebell Workout

So, you’ve brought yourself a kettlebell and got all excitable about this at home fitness buzz? You learnt a couple of moves and then a few weeks later that kettlebell is gathering dust in the corner… Sounds familiar??

beginners kettlebell workout - move love eat

Or perhaps you have seen the kettlebells in your gym but not really known what to do with them? Don’t worry, today I am going to give you a nice beginners kettlebell workout and next week I will give you a more advanced workout so you will be able to dust off that kettlebell and give it a swing! (See what I did there?!) I even braved doing a video for you lovelies! 

First let’s start off with why Kettlebells are such a versatile piece of equipment and why I recommend that anyone who wants to purchase some of their own equipment should start with a kettlebell or two.


Things I Love May Edition

I didn’t end up doing a things I love post last month as things were just far too hectic so it went to the bottom of the list of things to do. Fingers crossed things will start to slow down a little bit from here on out, for the rest of the year at least.

I have one more month of working full time, running bootcamp sessions, planning on weekends as well as running three facebook pages, two twitter accounts and three instagram accounts, oh and did I mention trying to have a life and fitting in my own training as well? #lesigh

Good thing I love being busy! Here’s the things I’m loving this month:

Amanda from Move Love Eat - Powerlifting Seminar


6 Week Sugarfree Challenge – Results

I’m not one for diets as I believe you generally end up worse off, but sometimes you just begin to feel a little sluggish and let life (and the treats that pop up) take over. 

I haven’t mentioned it on the blog (or social media much actually) as I wasn’t sure if I was going to end up posting about it or not, but I have done the last 6 weeks completely refined sugar free.

6 week sugar free challenge

No lollies, biscuits, cake etc, these generally aren’t a huge part of my diet but I do like to indulge my sweet tooth every now and again. The beginning of 2014 saw a few too many treats sneaking into my diet and I began to feel crap for it.


Winter Remedies

Winter is on it’s way, which unfortunately means that the likelihood of getting a cough, cold, sore throat or flu increases tenfold. 

Whilst Winter can be great because we have an excuse to rug up under the covers and watch movies, sometimes we must remember we’re rugged up under the covers because we feel under the weather. 

I thought I would write a quick post with some Winter Remedies to help you get through this tough winter period and avoid the flu.  

winter remedies - Move Love Eat Blog

How to clear a blocked nose

// Take a shower
Seriously, take a shower or put your head over a bowl of boiling water (perhaps with a little menthol based product in it). The moisture in the air from the heat from the shower assists in soothing the swollen blood vessels in your nose.

// Hydrate
Keeping hydrated is SO important. I’m fairly certain I talk about it in most of my posts and for good reason. If standard water isn’t going to do it for you then get some herbal tea into you and look at having soups for a meal or two to assist in getting more water into you. I have been really enjoying the Red Seal hot or cold brew teas lately. 

// Try Antihistamines 
Antihistamines reduce the swelling and inflammation in your nose which will assist in clearing your blocked nose. Of course you only want to be trying an Antihistamine if you know how your body reacts with them as often they can make you drowsy which isn’t ideal if you need to be alert. 

Winter Remedies - How to get rid of a sore Throat

How to get rid of a sore throat

// Soothe with Lozenges
Sometimes you get that burning feels in your throat and it feels like it is on fire. Lozenges like Strepsils can help soothe the sore throat quickly whilst going to work behind the scenes on getting rid of your sore throat once and for all.

// Lemon & Honey
Lemon and Honey drinks are my absolute favourite when I am sick. They help to sooth my sore throat and I just feel special when Kyle makes me one and looks after me. You don’t need fancy drinks for this, simply put some lemon juice and a little bit of honey in with hot water.

// Saltwater Gargle
Ever heard of doing a Saltwater Gargle to help get rid of a sore throat? Simply add half a teaspoon of salt to a glass or water and gargle it around then spit it out. Not glamorous but doing this several times a day can help to reduce swelling in the throat and loosen mucus, helping to flush out irritants or bacteria.

How do you manage if you fall sick over the Winter???

Let’s get a bit more personal

The ever so lovely Nicola from Eat Well NZ nominated me for a Liebster award so I thought I better nut up and share some interesting [maybe or maybe not] things about myself as well as answer Nicola’s questions. 

I am quite a private person despite having a public blog, but I thought this would be a great way to let you all find out a little bit more about me. 

A little bit more about me - Move Love Eat Blog

Once nominated for a Liebster Award, the rules are as follows:

  • Reveal 11 interesting facts about yourself
  • Answer the questions designated by the blogger who nominated you
  • Nominate other new bloggers for the Liebster Award
  • Give your nominees a list of questions they have to answer

 So here goes, 11 interesting facts or things you may not know…

  • Perhaps not interesting or something you didn’t know but I have had a huge travel bug for as long as I can remember. I am not 100% sure where it started but I did have cousins who used to send me post cards when I was younger and my granddad used to go on lots of overseas trips and I heard all about the places he went, I imagine it came from one or both of those.
  • I have the most intense sweet tooth, seriously I could demolish a packet of biscuits and still be looking for more. I have been trying to tame my sweet tooth by using more natural sources and this is part of the reason why I have done a Whole 30 and a 6 week sugar free challenge. This is also the reason why I don’t even buy biscuits, if they are in the house I will eat them.
  • I am crazily shy. If you first meet me in real life I may seem standoff-ish because I am so shy. I feel uncomfortable around people I don’t know and feel as though I don’t socialise well. I am comfortable online though and once I get to know people.
  • I can’t stand coffee. Yet I’ve never actually tried it. Seeing a lot of people addicted too it and the fact the smell makes me want to vomit has meant I have never tried it and I don’t feel the need too.

Liebster award - Move Love Eat

  • I love lists, like I seriously love lists! I like to keep lists to keep me focused and on track to reach my goals.
  • I had never stepped foot into a real gym until about three years ago. TRUTH! Fast forward three years and I am often found in the side of the gym the females hardly ever venture into (c’mon girls, you can do it!) and I have a Personal Training qualification!
  • I used to race go-karts. Actual outdoor go-karts, and I loved it! I must admit I wasn’t that good but I do usually beat everyone at indoor karts ;)

Liebster award - Move Love Eat

  •   I set goals every year! I have done ever since I started working at least. Even if the goal at the time was only to save $1k and to pass all my papers. These days the goals are more blog, strength and house deposit orientated.
  • I am ridiculously sensible. See #1, I have contemplated dropping everything and just going travelling a number of times in my life but I am too sensible and realise that I can work and earn money so I can afford to travel for a few weeks a year instead.
  • I don’t wear makeup, like ever. Mostly because I am too lazy to learn how to use it and partly because I didn’t want to get sucked in too always wanting to buy it when I could save my $ to travel. I am jealous of people who can do their makeup well though and I have quite a lot of friends like this! If I’m being extra fancy I’ll straighten my hair and put on some mascara and tinted moisturiser but that’s going all out for me.

Liebster award - Move Love Eat

  • I find thinking of things on the spot ridiculously hard, even harder if it’s things about myself. I don’t really like talking about myself and often keep things bottled up inside and don’t share unless specifically asked about it. Coming up with 11 things was crazy hard for me too!

 And here’s the answer to Nicola’s questions:

What inspired you to start blogging?
To begin with it was an outlet to procrastinate from studying. This blog then began as an outlet because I didn’t really like my job and I wanted to do something I was interested in and try to help others.

What inspires me to keep on going is the lovely comments I receive both on the blog and social media and knowing that I can make a difference and help people on their healthy living journey.

What is your go to dinner recipe when you want something yummy and healthy but in a hurry?

Chicken Breast & Vege. Lately we have been having chicken nibbles in the crockpot with vege when we get home from bootcamp, they are super tasty and all we need to do is defrost the vegetables when we get home so it’s ready in literally a couple of minutes.

What are your top fridge and pantry staples?
Meat! Chicken breast is great, with a pack of frozen vege and you can easily whip up a meal. I’d also add nuts and seeds as well as rice and a fully stocked herb and spice cabinet!

Liebster award - Move Love Eat

What are you reading right now?
Rushing Woman’s Syndrome by Dr Libby.

Do you have any quotes/words of wisdom that you’ve found that have really resonated with you/changed the way you think?
Being positive and seeing the positive in things can really change the way you see the world! There is always something to be grateful for!

Do you have pets? Tell us about them!

Nooooo! As much as I’d love to have a cat, I’ll be waiting until we have our own place.

What is your proudest achievement?
This is hard! I can’t decide between two things.  Finishing my degree, post grad and getting my Chartered Accountant while working full time. Or getting Wanganui Bootcamp off the ground and turned into a real business with Kyle.

Wanganui Bootcamp

What are your three favourite foods?

I couldn’t choose just three but I’ll share three I love. Bliss Balls, Steak and Biscuits. As I mentioned above, there is a reason why I don’t buy biscuits!

Are you a morning person or night owl?

Ohh my, the answer to this is incredibly sad. I used to be a night owl and I was the WORST person ever in the morning. I am still not the best with mornings so I wouldn’t say I was a morning person but I have been getting up early because Kyle is an early riser and the fact that we have morning Boot Camp sessions which begin at 6.30am so we need to leave the house around 6am. I am definitely not a night owl anymore since I often find between 8-8.30pm my eyes are heavy and I’m struggling! I manage to hold off bed until 10pm but that’s about it!

I’m nominating:
Samantha from Planet Bake Life
Eszter from Shrinking Eszter
Lauren from Lauren SAHM

Please check out these blogs, all these girls are super lovely!

My questions for the lovely ladies above are:

  1. What is your favourite form of exercise?
  2. Sweet tooth or savoury?
  3. Favourite Comfort Food?
  4. Would you rather be in front of the camera or behind?
  5. One of my goals for this year is….
  6. If you could travel to any three places this year, where would they be?
  7. If you could eat only three foods for every meal for the next month, what would they be?
  8. If money was no object, how would you spend your days?

 Were there any of my facts which resonated with you? Do you want to learn more about the people behind the blogs you read??

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