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After the triathlons were over I thought I better at least think about the half marathon I was supposed to be completing this year, errr that didn’t end up happening as life just got away from me. 

I did my first ever half marathon with NO training at all. Eeep! It’s definitely not something I would be recommending at all. 

I knew that I could go out and do a 10km run comfortably with no training as I have done it a handful of times before in my life. I also knew that it would come easier to me than the triathlons and that I was mentally strong enough to get through it. 

First ever half marathon recap - Ohope Express

I think a lot of running a longer distance is a mental thing, you can talk yourself either into it or out of it. If you are mentally strong it can definitely help push you through those KM ahead of you. 

I had no great expectations for my time given my complete lack of training, although I had always hoped to do a half marathon in under two hours. 

Fast forward to the start of the half marathon and I was surprised at how casual it was. We were moved onto the road and I walked my way to the side near the front but not too far forward and the gun went off right as I was turning my iPod on. 

I was wearing my ankle strap for the run and I wasn’t too sure how it would go. I was torn between not using it at all and giving it a go. About 3km in I decided that it had to go and I couldn’t do the whole half marathon with it on. 

My first half marathon recap - Ohope Express - Move Love Eat Blog

I bargained with myself and said I needed to make it too the 6km mark drink station before I stopped to take it off. It was tough getting through those last couple of km with it on but as soon as I whipped it off I felt such a relief I knew it was the best thing to do. 

I was then stuck with holding my ankle strap for the rest of the run, unless I managed to see Kyle when we ran past the start point at about the 7.5km mark, unfortunately I didn’t spot him so had to hold onto it for the rest of the run. 

The 8.5km mark saw me not paying attention to where I was running and I rolled my ankle (yep the one I had screwed up last year and wore the ankle support for!), I knew it wasn’t too serious so just ran it off and then at the 11.5km mark I did exactly the same thing again! 

It was unlike me to be so careless while running and I realised that the signals from my brain most likely weren’t quite connecting with my feet so around the 13km mark I grabbed a couple of Jelly beans out of my back pocket and chewed on them. 

I didn’t roll my ankle again as I made sure I grabbed a cup of water and had a few sips then dumped the rest over my head at each station, and every second station or so I grabbed a lolly to chew on to keep me going. First ever half marathon recap -Ohope Express Whakatane

The 13km mark was a milestone for me because I knew that every step after that point was the further-est I had ever run in my life before

The rest of the half marathon was rather uneventful with me bargaining with myself at each km, make it to the next km marker and you can have a jelly bean. Make it too the marker after that and we were almost at a drinks station, make it too the marker after that and you can walk to the next cone etc.

In the end I ended up walking two times during the half marathon, both times would have been for less than 20 seconds and were just what I needed to keep myself pushing on to the end.  

I had put on my 2 hour half marathon Rock My Run mix and when I was almost at the end realised that I hadn’t come to the final track yet which meant that there was a chance that I could meet my under two hours goal. 

The final track was playing right through that last km and when I crossed the finish line it just stopped so I knew I was pretty darn close to that 2 hour mark! 

Ohope Express Half Certificate


The final results came out and I finished in 1 hour, 59 minutes and 21 seconds!!  I even somehow managed to wrangle top 10 in my category – although I’m not sure how many were in it. I am super proud of my results for the half marathon, especially considering the lack of training. 

While the Half marathon was definitely a huge challenge for me and I was ridiculously sore even a few hours afterwards (something a long hot soak in Epsom salts couldn’t even begin to fix), unlike the Triathlons, I would definitely consider doing another half marathon

Have you ever done a half marathon? Would you consider doing one?

Current Top 5 Travel Lusts*

My travel lusting list is constantly full! As soon as I cross something off the list it seems as though another 5 jump straight back on it. I think travel will always be a huge part of my life.

Current travel lusts - Move Love Eat Blog

I have been fortunate enough to travel to a lot of destinations for someone my age. I say fortunate and not lucky because I have made travel a priority in my life and luck had nothing too do with it (other than those $920 return flights to Argentina – say what?!).

In no particular order here are my current Top 5 Travel Lusts


Inspiring People: Kelly from Run a Bye Baby

I am super excited about this next Inspiring People interview! Kelly has a fantastic approach to health and fitness and didn’t use her pregnancy as an excuse to let her health and fitness slide. She has some great tips for mothers and mothers to be, and some awesome advice for those of us who are neither of the above. 

Take it away Kelly! 
Inspiring People Interview - Kelly from Run a Bye Baby on Move Love Eat Blog

I’m Kelly and I’ve just had my first baby – a gorgeous little girl named Peyton. When I was pregnant, I decided to start documenting my pregnancy journey as well as share some healthy pregnancy tips that worked for me with other mums-to-be. That’s how my blog was born. Too often people give up on healthy eating and exercise when they’re pregnant but I wanted to show people that that doesn’t need to be the case – keep up your healthy habits and you’ll be really benefiting that little bub growing inside you.

Now that Peyton’s arrived, I’ll be updating the blog with how I’m getting back into shape and creating a healthy lifestyle with a baby girl in tow. Just give me some time to ease into it…


3 [Out of the Box] Mothers Day Present Ideas

Mothers day is coming, it’s that time of year where you should be thinking of something to get (or do), to spoil the one that brought you into this world. 

Yes, Mothers Day is still just over a month away (10th May 2015), regardless I thought I’d do a quick post with three out of the box mothers day present ideas to help you in your search. 

out of the box mothers day ideas

Don’t leave it until the day before and end up buying her the same old thing you get her every year! 

A little bit of planning now can not only save you a whole bunch of stress when you realise it’s mothers day in a couple of days but your mum will also be super surprised at the lovely thoughtful gift! 

 So without further ado here are three out of the box mothers day present ideas


Wellington Short Triathlon Recap

A couple of weeks back I competed in the Wellington Short Triathlon and thought I should do a quick recap on the blog.  

I did absolutely no training for this Short Triathlon, partly because I was super busy and partly because I just could not be bothered as I don’t really enjoy the training. I did keep up my strength training which would have helped me a lot! 

Sovereign Tri Series, Wellington Short Triathlon Recap 2015


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