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    Road Tripping Las Vegas to Grand Canyon [Image Heavy]

    We decided before we left New Zealand for our USA trip that we would spend a couple of days and hire a car to explore the Grand Canyon, after Kyle’s competition and before heading to New York.

    We both wanted to hire an American Muscle Car for the trip as we thought it would be fun to explore part of America in an American car, plus there is no way we will be owning one anytime soon!

    After a bit of a run around with the Rental Company we booked through (we turned up and they didn’t have any Dodge Chargers (or similar) that we booked and they offered us an SVU… errrm not what we wanted!), we managed to get a 2016 Camaro from a different company albeit quiet a bit more expensive than what we originally booked.

    Road trip Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

    With our bags packed and the car ready to go we set out for the Grand Canyon South Rim.

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